What is Renuvion?

Renuvion is a skin tightening cosmetic surgery procedure utilising helium plasma and radiofrequency to rejuvenate and tighten the skin . It gently contracts tissue with exceptional control and precision. Combined with liposuction it can provide excellent results with very minimal visible scarring for patients trying to avoid the longer scars associated with excisional surgery.

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Surgery Time

2 - 3 Hours

Time Off

1 Week



Full Recovery

4 - 6 Weeks

Why Renuvion?

Renuvion skin tightening is the perfect procedure for anyone who is wanting to:

  • Minimise scars
  • Reduce lines or wrinkle
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Undergo a less invasive procedure whilst still achieving the desired results of invasive surgery

Improved Skin Texture

Say hello to smoother skin

Youthful Appearance

Regain your youth

If Renuvion sounds like the perfect procedure for you and you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact us below for a consultation with James Wokes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding to undergo cosmetic procedures can be a big decision. Please read our frequently asked questions to give you peace of mind over any concerns.

Renuvion is minimally invasive and involves creating a small entry point in the treatment area just below the skin. Helium gas and radiofrequency is used, and the device will heat up to the ideal temperature to allow for the tissue to contract and heat the collagen. It will then be cooled down in less than 1 second to make the procedure effective and quicker than other surgical procedures. You will be under local anaesthetic for the procedure and will not feel any discomfort.

Renuvion is a generally quicker procedure for skin tightening than other surgical options. Depending on the treated area, times can vary however, it can usually take up to 3 hour to perform. During a consultation, Mr Wokes will discuss how long it will take and everything to know about the procedure. Following the procedure, you may experience some discomfort and tightness which is completely normal. You should avoid any activities that are strenuous or involve heavy lifting during the few weeks. However after the first week, most patients are able to return to normal activities.

Following the procedure, you may notice the skin appear tighter, but it can take up to 12 months for the final results to become apparent. The results are long-term and can be prolonged by ensuring you are looking after the skin using the right skincare products and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle choices such as smoking have a negative effect on any surgery. Smoking can reduce the benefit and longevity of any surgical procedure. Patients who smoke are not ideal candidates for elective aesthetic surgery. Mr Wokes does not operate on patients who smoke and requires abstinence for 6 weeks before any surgery.

Renuvion is a completely safe procedure if performed by a competent, GMC registered plastic surgeon. Mr Wokes will be able to answer all questions and concerns you may have during an initial consultation. He will also be able to ensure it is the right procedure for you and make recommendations of alternatives. Common side effects of renuvion include, discomfort, itching, bruising, numbness, contour irregularities and dry skin.

Mr Wokes will inform you of all the possible complications and side effects during your consultation. If you feel you are experiencing any of the side effects post-operatively you should seek medical advice.

You should always check your surgeon is registered and has the right to practice before deciding. You can check your surgeon is registered through the general medical council.